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Design, Manufacturing & Expert Installations

photo of a roof mounted school name in dimensional letters
Photo of an emergency evacuation plan
photo of a cast bronze dedication plaque
photo of a worker applying a vinyl graphic to a semi trailer
Photo of an overhead directional sign
Photo of a Braille Unit ID

Door and Floor ID Signs

Signs to Direct and Inform

Dimensional Letters

Metal Plaques

Vinyl Graphics

Evacuation Plans

LED Signage

photo of an illuminated 3-dimensional wall graphic
photo of a large apartment advertising sign

Large Signs

Signs that direct visitors around the site and building and give them information about safely using the site and its services are key to a complete wayfinding system. Since it would be virtually impossible to place them correctly for tactile readers, they are visual only. Nevertheless there are important rules to follow so that they can be used by those with significantly reduced vision. Our designers understand these rules and the symbiotic relationship of each sign to the entire system, and how the messages on each sign interact with the whole to make sense to visitors.

Although they are exempt from the federal rules, directories are an important informational part of wayfinding. Best practice would require high contrast, non-glare finishes, and easy to read non-decorative text for building and floor directories.

Custom Directional and Informational Signage

Directional and informational signs can include everything from custom designs for floor and building directories, to straightforward signs with arrows directing to various locations within the building and site.

This category also includes the most mundane and utilitarian signs about mechanical devices, storage or site traffic rules.

H.Toji and Company ADA Sign Products manufactures the finest quality, most code compliant braille and code signage found anywhere on the web. Standard and custom signs. Toji, ADA, braille, ISA, restroom, exit, route, room, devices, wayfinding, identification, parking, sign, signs, signage, 10400, 101400, code, compliance, disabilities, accessibility, wheelchair, blind, deaf, California, federal, fire, egress, emergency, refuge, men, women, boys, girls, area